Fissure Sealants

At the age of 6 years, children will have had their first adult molars and by the age of 12, their adult second molars. Adult teeth in children have deep and complex grooves on their surfaces, allowing bacteria, food and sugar to hide. Even brushing and flossing cannot remove them as they are out of reach meanwhile causing decay and cavities within the teeth.  


Your dentist can protect your children's molars thus preventing decay, cavities and the need for root canal treatment in future.

The teeth are protected by a special film known as a "Fissure Sealant", they block out the deep grooves so that bacteria, food, sugars and debri are not able to hide or collect within the teeth. The Fissure Sealants also make it easier for children to clean their teeth as their toothbrush can now access all the surfaces.   

The photos below show Before and After Fissure Sealant treatment. Notice the deep grooves are now filled with a white sealant.



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