Acid Damage (Erosion)

​Erosion / Damaging teeth with acid

  • ​​Erosion occurs when teeth become damaged by acids. So it is prudent to reduce the time our teeth are in contact with acids.

  • The source of the acid may be intrinsic (stomach acid reflux, vomiting, burping) or extrinsic (diet, drinks, environmental, occupational)

  • After your teeth have been exposed to acids, do not brush your teeth for two hours. It takes time for your saliva to neutralise the acidic pH. E.g. Brushing your teeth straight after vomiting when your teeth have been soaked in acid can  accelerate tooth damage

  • Tap water containing fluoride is the best drink. Many other drinks are acidic, such as juices, sports drinks, soft drinks. If you consume these it is best to follow with water.