Teeth Whitening

Zoom In chair whitening is done with the patient in the dental chair in an hour session. The results are usually immediate and this provides patients with the fastest result.

Involves making a special customised tray for your upper and lower teeth. You will be provided with Whitening gel which is placed inside the tray and then worn for 15 minutes per day for up to 2 weeks. If you are happy with the results before the 2 weeks, you may stop at any time.

Some people like the benefits of both systems. Initially the In-Chair procedure is done, then if the patient wants their teeth even whiter they may consider the use of the take home kit as a supplementary treatment. You should consult your dentist whether either of these procedures are suitable for you.


Best results are obtained if whitening is done soon after a thorough scale and clean.


Some patients experience sensitivity during the whitening procedures. This is more common in the In-chair whitening method. However, there are ways in which this sensitivity can be minimised and managed. Sensitivity is most often reported as mild-moderate and well tolerated by most patients. 

We have the latest Phillips Zoom Whitening system for in chair whitening which gives our patients the best result possible. For the take home kit we have SDI Pola whitening kits, which we find to be the most effective.


Healthfund rebates may apply, which would reduce your out of pocket expenses

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