Dental Implants

Dental Implants are a great way to replace missing teeth of fill unsightly spaces. We can fill spaces as small as 7 mm in width. Smaller spaces may be better served by a bonded bridge.

The prospect of having dental surgery seems scary to many, but most patients find the process quite easy. There are two stages; Implant Insertion and then Crown Placement.

The dentist will assess the whole mouth for general dental health, then if the oral cavity is healthy and the patient is in good health then we can proceed with Implant Treatment.

Once the treatment planning has been done and informed consent obtained, the implant surgery appointment is made. The surgery takes about the same time as a tooth removal and will result in a similar level of discomfort afterwards. Usually we like to wait 3 months before we load the implant with a ceramic crown.

Implants are fantastic in that they are the closest thing we have to natural teeth that we can offer patients. They are not susceptible to decay since it is made of metal and ceramic however you still can get gum disease around implants. This is called Peri-Implantitis, hence great oral hygiene by way of brushing twice daily and flossing nightly are required around all implants.

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